The Ice Pond

#149 – Tuesday, April 22nd

I’m spoiled. In twenty thirteen the muse sang loud and clear, guiding my hand at every turn. Twenty fourteen . . . not so much. Even though my research has unearthed many new splendors, those moments aren’t being easily translated into paint. I seem to be trying to cram everything into one thing, and it just isn’t working. So I turn to blue. Washes of Anthraquinone, layer on layer, scraping down in between, obscuring the too much, revealing the just enough. A hole in the ice.

the ice pond
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Following An End Beginning At The Beginnings End

#148 – Tuesday, April 15th

On the trail, a wealth of inspiration for my studio aspirations lay directly underfoot. In camp, bathed in the tranquil glow of the setting sun, a mind-bending palette of earth, fire, and sky, the silence punctuated by the songs of Lucy’s Warbler.






Lucys Warbler

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I’ll Get Up And Fly Away, Fly Away.

#147 – Tuesday, March 25th

Molly Teardrop, welcoming sentinel at the exhibition of my new paintings at the Walter Art Gallery.

Molly at Walter

Meanwhile back in the studio. . .


I’m taking another little break from the blog, and will return with a new post on Tuesday, April 15th.

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