From the Top Down. Shadow of Some only Talking. Others Can’t Stand Still

#170 – Tuesday, December 16th

All a sudden, I can’t leave well enough alone. Paintings thoughtfully considered and once proclaimed complete are now back in play, demanding more. The stickler is just that . . . the “more” part. So here it goes. Top to bottom. Shadow of Some Only Talking. Others Can’t Stand Still. Next, the beginning superimposed on the end. Third down, how shadows on an alpine trail end up in a painting. And finally, the beginning.

#179 R

#179 overlay 80

shadows grey


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Long Shores and Meddling Beasts While Taking the Scenic Route

#169 – Tuesday, December 9th

I’ve been making a conscientious effort to go with the flow. My normal proclivity is to keep at it until tight as a drum and the new work open and full of energy, highlights this transition. But I just couldn’t leave this one alone. The best news, regardless of the meandering way of getting here, and my potential toward density that following this path can generate, it’s a jazzy rendition, fueled by the sound of a river gone wild and a hike counted in fifteen steps.

#181 R

Four Steps

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The in-between Everything and Nothing

#168 – Tuesday, December 2nd

November is my all time favorite month. Never quite know what Mother Nature will dish out, it’s the in-between, always a surprise. From my Chicago days of frigid November arctic craziness to living in the desert as November ushers in the sweet season of endless skies and temperatures south of frying, November has always fit me like a glove. A time for reflection. A time of exploration. A time for, well everything and yet nothing, and nothing gets better than simply watching the sun set at Tanner Beach on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon on a magnificent November evening.

Tanner Beach

Now it’s December and I’m back in the studio. Back to taking everything and nothing and putting it on canvas. Yes, November is my all time favorite month.

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