Exhibition Invitation

#179 – Tuesday, February 24th

Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, is showing my new work. The exhibition opens Friday, March 6th, 5pm – 8pm. The reception is open to everyone, so if you happen to be in Chicago, please stop by.

Kurre - Perimeter Gallery

It Happens Every Tuesday is on spring hiatus and will return with a new post Tuesday, March 17th.  Until then, thanks for reading.


Torn Down and Well Played.

#178 – Tuesday, February 17th

Virtually every painting has its beginning in a snapshot. The images, a point of departure directing an exploration into the wherever. I tape them to the wall where I paint. In a line, then a grid, then on top of each other. Until a time like now. So I thought I’d share these five, torn down, all well played. And now it’s time to start  again.





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Behind A Magic Curtain. Variations Past and Present.

#177 – Tuesday, February 10th

Technology helps, but the process is the same. My lists. Once hand drawn, then typed, now computer generated, an inventory of the studio’s endeavors. My Notes. Scribbled down, haphazard as ever. Here they collide. The synthesis of images and words. Yes, technology has helped, but the process is still the same.

nowwork pages 2

and thenwork pages 2

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