Yes, One Thing Does Lead To Another

#192 – Tuesday, June 9th

A reinvention of a summer’s evening watching the sun set on the Howlands Butte.  The memory, slightly ghosted with details once omitted now included. Their veracity? Questionable, but passionately embraced.


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Opening Night – All Art Arizona

#191 – Tuesday, June 2nd

All Art AZ

The exhibition All Art Arizona highlights the diverse spectrum of creative energy that embodies the spirit of the west. Art Intersection is located at: 207 Gilbert Road #201, Gilbert AZ, (480) 361-118. For additional information, visit the gallery website: The exhibition is on view June 2 – July 18th, 2015. Gallery hours are: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm

My paintings in the exhibition . . .

#1. Illusions, Interventions, and Letting Go 

#2. Long Shores and Meddling Beasts 

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