Back one. Step two.

#195 – Tuesday, September 29th.

Back one. Step two. The process of a work in progress. I’ve scraped off as much paint as I’ve put on, and the marks that inhabit the canvas are disappearing into a blanket of Zinc White. I didn’t exactly plan it to go this way, but that’s the way it went, or rather the way it took me. Quite frankly it’s a welcome departure. The remnants of past efforts bleed through those milky layers, guiding the narrative of what will follow, and I know the work will be all the richer and vibrant for the effort.


three b

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Points of Departure

#194 – Tuesday, September 22nd.

A photograph taken during this summers’ travels is the point of departure for one of the new paintings. Although new is a bit of a misnomer. The first marks on this particular canvas were made back in June, and it hasn’t been touched since.  It wasn’t for the lack of looking, or thinking, or desire that hindered my progress, but a chasm that seemed to negate all efforts. So there it remained undisturbed, and I focused my energies elsewhere. Now with the grace of time and distance, whatever hinderance I’d encountered has fallen away presenting yet another path for exploration.

that hard water

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