9 Weeks

#2  – Tuesday, March 28th

Molly Teardrop just turned 9 weeks old, and her integration into our pack is the focus of much of our attentions. I’ve shared my life with more than a few canine companions, but it’s been a good long while since we’ve done the puppy thing. Molly is a trip . . . all fuzz and sharp teeth, dervish and love-bug, her in’s and out’s (pun intended) are punctuated by the symphony of our relentless repetitions of “do your business!” and “good girl!” (In the three plus weeks since Molly’s arrival, I think I’m close to plowing through every puppy book and web article ever written!). But besides Miss Molly, I have managed to get some great studio time. First, finding my way around WordPress. I’m no Luddite, I enjoy my technology, but I readily admit finding my way through this labyrinth isn’t intuitive, and even querying the all-knowing “HELP” seems to be in a language I can’t decipher. So just like Molly, all trial and error . . . just not as odoriferous or wet.  I’ve  posted a few of the newly finished paintings on my website. This possibility is due to my friend Michael, who like the dog whisper, has guided me through the pitfalls of web puppy-ness. And then I’ve several new canvasses under way . . . I’m just not ready to show them off quite yet  . . .

thanks for reading!

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