Color me vivid (in 9 parts)

#4 – Tuesday April 12th

I’m in awe of those folks who imagine in an entirety, then produce. I draw a line, define a space, put down a color and the endless possibilities flood into me . . . it’s the challenge and exploration of those possibilities that fuels my fire and continually provides a fresh point of departure.  So I thought I’d share just how that developmental process plays out in one of my canvasses. I’ve mostly treated what goes on in my studio as a private secret, an enigma, shrouded in mystery only to be unveiled when perfectly complete. But I’ve photographed the development of one of the new development of a new paintingcanvasses from just after first brush, to where it is today (although several of these images are shot rather poorly . . . but remember, I’ve never claimed to be a photographer). This particular canvas is a bit of an anomaly in its own right. If I would speak as to my color preferences, it  would be, muted earth tones, with the more potent hues either sun drenched into a blissful quietude, or baked dark . . . but here its the opposite . . . just bright and playful . . . although in many of the new paintings, I seem to be drawn to more vibrant tonalities and intense browns (this particular brown is a mix of Colbalt Violet, Quinacidone Red and Green Gold, with a light wash of Quinacridone Burnt Orange on top).

the written wordOn a different note, you know, it’s just how one thing leads into another . . . I’m not done with this canvas yet, it hasn’t reached that point of “perfect completion” But it has acquired a working nomenclature. So I thought I’d also include a photo of one pile of scribblings I do as I’m working on my paintings, to help illustrate my naming process. I pen these missives from snippets of conversations, things I’ve read, listened to, and randomly  caught my notice and it’s from these notes the text accompaniments are created. I think of these notations not as verbal descriptions of visual experiences, but rather a linguistic context that mirrors the paintings progress from inception to completion. . . . . “You are not an airplane flying for forgiveness, trying to speak as if to save the world, smacking of sweetness and then gone”.

“Brushed up bright” is April’s post on  “Tools of the trade” .  A look at my preferences in paint brushes.

Thanks for reading!


thanks for reading!

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