Bird on a wire (scratch and scrape)

You are not an airplane# 5 – Tuesday April 19th

Scratch and scrape. A workman’s week. Just when I’m thinking . . . yes almost there . . . well no not really . . . a bit here, a bit there, nip and tuck, then take it all off . . . sit and look (and better yet seeing).  But this is why canvas and paint have my  soul . . . immediate . . . gratification? desperation ? There is no waiting to find out which particular effort rings the bell or gone. I love the dialogue, the testing between vision and action. To my mind a painting must hang on the edge of the precipice and claw its way back. I want the history of a painting’s evolution to be visible, the scratches and scrapes, false starts and heroic endeavors, these are the  scars that illuminate a painting’s character in spite of its imagery . . . and when it all goes south? Well believe me, sometimes it does (more often than I might care to admit)  and then . . . it’s . . . oh well, better luck next time.

I’ve been reading Just Kids, by Patti Smith. So the soundtrack for this week’s post is taken from her first album, Horses and the MC5‘s Kick Out The Jams. I’ve an affinity for a certain type of loud, proud, opinionated . . . rock and roll . . . I cut my musical teeth on the likes of Patti Smith, and the MC5 (featuring her late husband Fred “Sonic” Smith) . . . and it doesn’t get any better than that! Speaking of getting better . . .The Phoenix Art Museum is currently exhibiting works from  The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States. The Vogels, Dorothy a reference librarian at  Brooklyn Public Library, and Herbert a postal service employee , amassed an amazing collection of contemporary art of over 2500 works by some 170 artists . . .The exhibition runs until July 3rd.  And finally for this missive (which seems to be about love and loving) opposite ends  . . . Diane Ackerman‘s  One Hundred Names For Love”  and The Dead BoysWhat Love Is.

“You are not an airplane flying for forgiveness, trying to speak as if to save the world, smacking of sweetness and then gone”.

Thanks for reading,


thanks for reading!

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