Earthly delights of the garden

#8 – Tuesday May 10th

Earthly delights of the garden (all apologies to Hieronymus Bosch)

From the absolute nothing, to divine inspiration, into unbridled lustful enjoyment, and then wham . . . the torment of it all going to . . .  well you know where . . . in a hand basket . A major part of my garden is in that last stage, mostly from a toxic cocktail of neglect and a puppy that thinks ripping up the vegetation is a splendid way to pass the day (and my removing anything that might prove harmful to Molly the Mouth).  But from the ashes rise the Phoenix (no pun intended) and so as it is in my garden . . . Actually I’ve been in the “thinking about it” stage of a garden make over for quite a while now, hence my seemingly reasonable theory in supporting neglect  . . .  there IS change on the horizon!  However introducing a cattle dog into the mix has proven to be the needed catalyst for progress. It’s been our “Walk Walk,” the daily work of acclimating Molly to the joys of civilized behavior on leash, which has imprinted a path upon the chaos the garden had fallen into, and walk walking this path has me revisiting the objects I’ve assembled to populate my garden. Made from odd pieces of trees, found metal, glass, and shells, dried grapefruit, rocks, and wire put together with the knowledge, due to time and weather, they will come undone . . . and when they do . . . salvage what is left to be assembled into my next flight of fancy. 

I’m a compulsive tinkerer,
 turn it up side down, move it around, stack it on top . . . or not . . . I assemble, a builder at heart, and happiest when surrounded by that which is in need of order, organized to the maximum level of falling apart.
Thanks for reading

thanks for reading!

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