Strange Life of Blue

blue deluge

#9 – Tuesday, May 17th

I don’t consider blue my favorite color, but it does seem to wind up in an inordinate number of my paintings. Being in Arizona, I’m pleasantly inundated with an infinite variety of the hue, and I could fill page upon page with descriptive adjectives extolling  its various subtleties . . . from near black to the almost painful fragility of a blue fiesta flower . And even after a dozen plus years removed from my life in Chicago, I find my self looking up at the heavens, stunned in amazement  at how BLUE  the southwestern sky can be

When I think of blue within the context of painting . . . I think of Yves Klein, and while many artists have laid claim to this transient hue, from Picasso to Damien Hurst, it was Klein that elevated blue into an object of desire.

the moveable feast within the architecture of fourteen excusesMy blue lines are made with a  Farb-Rise Color Giant # 9400 pencil and a variety of Holbein Oil Pastel sticks. I like the Color-Giant because as the name implies, the Giant is larger than most pencils with a thicker lead, plus its pigment acts like water color, and when smudged under a dampened finger bleeds out into lovely nothing. The Holbein is softer, with a clay like consistency and once down, can be carved into . . . creating lines as varied and dynamic as life.
When Blue is on my brush it will be some variation of Anthraquinone Blue. It’s a blue that doesn’t go all sentimental, an honest hue, color of a bruise prior to morphing into  purple. Blue is my failsafe beginning. When needing a start, a sudden impact . . . it begins in blue . . . where it goes from there? Well, that’s a painting’s history, isn’t it. Smacked about, and a story to tell.
So what IS my favorite color? Unequivocally green. . . the alliance of blue and yellow in all manifestations, mashed about, fighting for prominence in the reflection of light.
Thanks for reading

thanks for reading!

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