The Finer Arts of Socialization and On Further Review . . .

#14 – Tuesday June 21st

The solstice. The longest day of the year and the “official” beginning of summer. In this neck of the woods, summer is in full force and we’re firmly ensconced in triple digit temperatures, with sun, sun and more sun. I’ve an easy truce with the heat, finding a simple routine best. Early morning hikes with the cattle dog, late afternoon cocktails with the girlfriend, and in between . . . a languid approach to the day . . . and when it does seem a bit much . . . we do have our strategies . . . a trip to the high country! And so it goes. This past week, we spent a couple of days up in Flagstaff, visiting friends, doing a bit of climbing and enjoying the cool mountain air. As an added bonus, our young Molly had the pleasure to be schooled in the finer arts of socialization by Alta and Kenai. Kenai, Molly, Matt, and Alta reasting after a day at the crag(Although I think Alta and Kenai found Molly’s exuberance mostly an annoyance and their patience a sign of what great pups they are!)

Just two weeks ago I wrote about the last mark being the most difficult one to make, and once again, I’m finding it all too true. Case in point . . . a painting I’ve featured in two posts, most recently on Tuesday May 31st. It’s a painting I’ve thought certain was complete . . . but on further review . . . wasn’t. At times it feels like I spend an inordinate amount of energy just looking at my canvasses, compared to when I’m actually doing something to them, but investing the time in looking as a precursor to the doing, seems to work well for me. Doesn’t make the last mark any easier, but it does make me aware of its necessity. 

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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