Fast and Furious – SRAM pART Project continues

Detail of SRAM pArt project sculpture#18 – Tuesday July 19th

Fast and furious. By August 15th,  my contribution to the  SRAM pART Project will be finished and on its way to Oregon, where all 50 pART Project sculptures are being collected, prior to being shown at InterBike International Bicycle Expo (the major bicycle industry trade show). Besides the relatively quick turn-around, the other project parameters are; the piece must fit in a 24″ x  24″ x 24″ box, weigh less than 80 lbs, and use at least 25 of the 100 bicycle parts supplied by SRAM. Simple right . . . I’ve never been known to be a fast painter, my usual creative methodology includes a healthy amount of time willingly spent studying marks made and in preparation of marks to be made, and often after such contemplation, remove as much or more than I add. So at this point, I’ve got about three weeks to tidy up, so fast and furious indeed. The size and weight restrictions, aren’t an issue for me . . . but 25 parts? I consider myself a  bit of a minimalist and at this point I’ve used 11, and I’m starting to wonder how I’ll integrate 14 more of these beautifully anodized bike bits into this sculpture. But actually, the 25 part requirement is becoming one of the really entertaining components of the project, taking these wonderfully exotic objects and literally cutting before and after cutting and hammering the cog into submissionand pounding them into the language of my personal aesthetic. Speaking of aesthetics, when it comes to my bikes, I like them on the industrial looking side, with a nice complement of shinier bits. But in my artistic endeavors, it’s an active history I want to see, with all the cuts, scratches, and bruises, false starts, detours, and rough landings included. And my pART sculpture is starting to get there . . . so in keeping with this weeks theme and borrowing from bicycle race vocabulary . . . the stage in its final 10 kilometers, and I’m setting up for the sprint, pushing a big gear . . . pedal man pedal!

Thanks for reading.


List of parts currently in use: 2 front suspension stanchions, 4 cogs, 1 44-tooth chain ring, 1 bottom bracket spindle, 1 red anodized part ( suspension part?), 1 gold anodized part (suspension part?), 1 ratchet type gear ( a shifter part?)

thanks for reading!

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