Video Interview ( SRAM pART Project )

#27 –  Tuesday September 20th

The SRAM pART Project sculptures were exhibited at Interbike (the bicycle industry trade show) this past week, and SRAM invited all the pART Project artists to Las Vegas for the premier showing. It was fantastic to see just how varied the work turned out to be . . . from whimsical interpretations to futuristic figurative constructs, all having their genesis in 100 random bike parts. The pART Project website now has all 46 artists works posted, with multiple views, bios, and artist’s statements. Plus a mechanism to receive notifications of when the work goes up for auction. It’s definitely worth a look.

While the pART Project got us in the door, another excellent reason for going was spending some time with our friends Rebecca Rush and Greg Martin. Rebecca is a top pro Mountain Bike racer, there to sign autographs and promote her sponsors. Greg rides like the wind on a singlespeed, builds awesome trails, and designs pro caliber mountain bike race courses, and we’ve known them forever. Anyway, we got the idea  of Rebecca video taping an interview of me talking about my pART sculpture . . .

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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