Short and Sweet and No Longer Mine

#34 – Tuesday November 8th

Counting. Counting down actually. As my Tuesday’s mount up, and the impetus for these musings approaches (the exhibition of the new paintings at Perimeter Gallery), I mark off the final days with a sense of relief, for my part is done. An interesting thing happens to a painting in the transition between the studio and  the gallery wall. It becomes truth, no longer a possibility with infinite endings, but an undeniable statement of fact. And when I see my work in this setting, I feel a certain detachment, yes it exists because of me, but it’s no longer mine.

This Tuesday, looking back at past exhibitions at Perimeter Gallery, three paintings from the 2003 show. While I have an affinity for specific sized rectangle canvasses, most notably eighteen by twenty-two inches, this group of work is comprised of twelve or fourteen inch squares. I’d just completed the project It Happens Every Tuesday using all twelve inch square canvasses and continuing with the square format seemed like a good launching point into the next body of work.

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