Serendipity and Twenty Three Seconds To The Middle

#44 – Tuesday January 17th

Forrest Bess – Untitled, 1967

I really don’t remember how or when I first came across Forrest Bess, but I do know it was sometime back in the early eighties, and he’s been on my short list of favorite painters ever since. Forrest had a unique perspective that guided his work, and while I don’t share his philosophical bent, his unwavering commitment to his vision and the paintings he made because of it, both resonate with me. I hadn’t thought about Bess for a while, but this past week, I stumbled on this video segment taken from a January 9th airing of Antiques Roadshow featuring one of his paintings. In 1962 Bess had given a painting to a neighbor as a wedding present, and now the neighbor was curious what it was worth.

A mini-exhibition of Forrest Bess’s paintings will be included in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2012 Biennial. More of his work can be seen here

One of my new paintings, from near the beginning to the middle in twenty three seconds.

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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