Under Foot and Between the Ears

#51 – Tuesday March 6th

Going on. A walk in the woods. The Superstition Mountains to be exact, this time toting home on my back, and sleeping under the stars. While spring is still fourteen days away, a few eager flowers were beginning to show their colors. Colors I’ll unabashedly appropriate for my own devices, and while savoring my good fortune, stumbling into sublime moments of time and place, moments so perfect as to defy description. They are simple things. Under foot and between the ears.

I thought I’d gone a bit red crazy, but these Globe Mallow, confirm my lust is right on track.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Under Foot and Between the Ears

  1. Your reds and oranges are my favorite colors in your work. That’s why I have been planting that Globe Mallow everywhere I know you frequent.

thanks for reading!

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