Deliberations with Flurries of Activity and Synergy in Bloom

#63 – Tuesday May 29th

In early January I documented the start of a new canvas with a little twenty-three second video. Now nearly seven months later, having invested uncounted hours of deliberations and flurries of activity, the painting is complete. The shortest time for my finishing something? The “One a Day” projects. Purposely hammered out, loose ends abounding, and that’s the point. The longest time? Six years. The only explanation I can offer for this protracted effort, is my simple unwillingness to let go. But most typically the paintings take months to bring to fruition. I’ve always multiple canvasses in play, a continual process of reflecting on marks made, contemplating what might be added and/or removed, then applying those considerations as necessity and whimsy dictate. A joyous conundrum all the sweeter for orchestrating a satisfying conclusion.

A synergistic week in the garden. Cactus flowers abound. I photographed this White Torch Cactus flower, just as the morning sun was illuminating its petals, then combined with a group of my usual suspects, in bloom.

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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