Point of Entry From the Heart

#69 – Tuesday July 10th

The plan is always having a point of entry from the heart, then following its lead over hill and dale, through bramble and thicket, plowing ever forward . . . it’s the intuitive part. But all paintings come to intersections, a time to step back, take a breadth, observe, and contemplate. These pauses are essential, a time to apply a certain logic, pointing the way back into the visceral and elemental process of what a painting is, and will become. This is where I am with these two paintings. Pondering. So I’m not just dithering during this period of survey, I’m stretching new canvasses. I love this stage of the process. The smell of wood and raw fabric, rigorously tucked corners emulating a perfectly made bed, the smack of my Arrow 50 fixing all in place, and finally a surface taught as a drum, a new point of entry from the heart.

The soundtrack for this Tuesday’s post is the proverbial combo platter, all blended and  randomized. Hillary Han and Volker Bertelmann’s collaborative tome, SILFRA. Violin, piano, and odd sounds. Chris Whitley’s PERFECT DAY. Chris Whitley backed by Chris Wood and Billy Martin of Medeski Martin & Wood. The Books, THOUGHT FOR FOOD.  A lovely mix for the business of reflection and new beginnings.

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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