Reading, Watching and Who Knows Where It Goes

#76 – Tuesday August 28th

I seem to get the most reader responses from posts illustrating the progress of specific works. So this week, since I’ve stretched two new canvasses I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to start a series of videos . . . exploring just that . . . two new  paintings, start to finish and everything in-between. I’m figuring out the video thing on the fly, so where it will go, who knows ( In my mind that’s at least half of the fun ).  And today, the first installment.

Thanks for reading, and watching.


2 thoughts on “Reading, Watching and Who Knows Where It Goes

  1. Hi Charles, I’ve never seen you in that nice shirt thing you’ve got going on. Girlfriend have something to do with that and what happened to your hair. I like it kinda short anyway.
    Love the video!!!!!!!! You can tell you’ve done this before many times. I do love It Happens Every Tuesday. Thanks for sharing with me.

  2. Hey Charles,

    I really liked the video!!! A little insight into the mind of an artist… A little scary at first but I really liked it. 😉

thanks for reading!

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