7 thoughts on “Design for an Impractical Structural Placement

  1. Oooooooeeeeee that was fun. Did you feel like you were a little kid again with your building blocks. Excellent post. Laughed at the end. Loved it.

    • hey Anita, One of my neighbors was working in their yard, that’s the sound of their leaf blower. I did consider the sound, editing out the noise, but I wanted to capture that in the moment/ every day quality of my creative activity . . . yes there are distractions, ideas out of focus or just beyond reach, it’s the balancing act of putting them together and taking them apart that drives the process. Thank you for reading my blog and even more, thank you for taking the time to comment! Charles

      • hey Anita,

        Again, thank you for taking the time to comment. The whole blog thing is kind of a shot in the dark, and I’ve always thought the sharing of ideas, was an important component of creativity, actually the sharing of ideas different from my own, is even more important. Hearing how one’s work is processed is a very good thing. It seems many of the blog comments tend toward the “your work is amazing” and getting a thoughtful one, that actually requires me to clearly articulate my intent, is a treat . . . thank you. Charles

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