Kim’s Conundrum, Cube of Doodles, Three Views, and Flutes!

#91 – Tuesday December 11th

First off, the Gallery will host a performance by composer and musician Walt Carr, on Sunday December 16th, from 3:00 – 5:00pm. All the details are on the Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up’s  Facebook page.  (non-Facebook version go here) Please come join us.

3 interior views

What I enjoy is, talking to folks, sharing my work and hearing their stories. At this time of year Scottsdale draws people from all over the frozen tundras, searching for the sun, and it’s just a delight to have them in the gallery. Alaskan native Kim,  figuring out her favorite, and a Cube of Doodles  . .  .  adapted from entries in the guest book.


Kim's Conundrum


cube of doodles

Thanks for reading.


For Mike . . . the soundtrack for this week’s post . . . Psychedelic Pill , the new disk by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

thanks for reading!

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