Kick Me In The Posterior And Call Me Bob

#95 – Tuesday January 8th


This might not be the actual flu strain that is kicking my bottom, but it’s a sister, brother, cousin, nephew or very close relative, of that nasty little bug which I have a few, and not so subtle four letter words I’d like to call it (excuse me while I blow my nose) . . . but in all fairness it does remind me of looking toward the micro, so for this week, a selection of images of just that . . . the small stuff  . . .  taken through the  haze of a massive wishing . . . I didn’t feel so lousy.

detail - tiny devils

detail 2-22

detail 10-12

detail - pragmatic affair

These images are details from work being exhibited at Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up. Click on each, to view the entire piece.

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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