Dreams of an Orange and Shadows On the Edge of Dreams

#96 – Tuesday January 15th

Considering the possibility of an orange dreaming of becoming an apple. A winter’s sun pushing shadows to the edge of dreams.

orange and apple

inverted b

Lucy b

cactus 5b

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2 thoughts on “Dreams of an Orange and Shadows On the Edge of Dreams

  1. The shadows very much make me think of Plato’s Cave. I had the pleasure of meeting you and speaking of your art this past Saturday. Nice to meet another ‘memo pad philosopher’.

    • hey Cyndee,

      Thanks for your kind words . . . I enjoyed our conversation also!

      Exhibition’s Final Days

      This Thursday, January 24th, through Sunday, January 27th, are the final days for the exhibition of my work at Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up.

      To celebrate my adventure as the “Temporary Gallerist,” I invite everyone to join me for cocktails, on Sunday, January 27th, from 1pm to 5pm.

      The gallery Hours are:

      Thursday – 11am – 9pm, Staying open late for the Scottsdale Art Walk.

      Friday and Saturday – 11am – 6pm

      Sunday – Noon to 5pm.

      While the gallery’s run is over, the show does go on . . . here


      In this week’s Tuesday
      – Defining Specific Formulas
      – Rectangular Symmetries
      – Stirring the Soup

      Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up is also on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/PerimeterGalleryScottsdale?ref=hl

      Charles Kurre

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