The Incredible Expanding Squared

#97 – Tuesday January 22nd

squared 3

My preferred format has always been the vertical rectangle, defined by a specific formula of height and width, and while I have occasionally strayed from this template, those experiments have been short-lived. The notable exception is the square. One of the first forays into rectangular symmetry was in the “It Happens Every Tuesday” project, and by the time I’d completed fifty-two of those one square foot pieces, the square was solidified in my lexicon. That was back in 2000 and for the next four years, twelve by twelve and fourteen by fourteen inch squares, were the repositories of my creative endeavors. But in 2005 I returned to my beloved vertical rectangle, where I’ve been ensconced ever since.

Now I’m feeling the urge to stir the soup, so I’m revisiting the square. However this time it’s thirty by thirty, a massive nine hundred square inches ( at least massive for me! ) and here it is, all bright and white and just waiting for me to begin.

This Thursday, January 24th, through Sunday, January 27th are the last days for the exhibition of my work at Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up. The gallery Hours are Thursday 11am – 9pm, staying open late for the Scottsdale Art Walk. Friday and Saturday, 11am – 6pm, and Sunday noon to 5pm.  Then it’s back into the studio to wrestle with these new squares!

gallery interior 1

Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-up is also on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “The Incredible Expanding Squared

  1. Enjoyed reading this as it has been my preference to work with squares for years as well and have recently returned to rectangles and the use of the golden section in composition. Most of my squares were 24×24 inches.

    As for 12×12 works, I think you might enjoy this gallery in Toronto:

    Really very popular here in Canada’s frozen urban wasteland. Long way from Scottsdale, though. 🙂

    • thanks for your kind words . . . and thanks for the link to the 12 x 12’s, I enjoyed perusing through the works and artist’s web sites, looks like a delightful and exciting premise and certainly the folks who submit work embrace it with a passion. I’ve tried using the golden ratio to determine the sizes of my canvasses, and while I know it is touted as the most pleasing proportion for a rectangle, for me . . . it always seemed too tall. Odd for being someone attracted to the vertical, but there it is . . . thanks again for reading and your comments!

thanks for reading!

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