The Joy Of A One Wheeled Adventurer & A Moon Over The Temporary Gallerist

#98 – Tuesday January 29th

Serendipity, got to love it. I’m setting up for the “The Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up Final Day Extended Cocktail Hour” and right outside the door, jetting by, is a kid riding a unicycle . . . Once, twice, three times . . . OK I’m hooked, who IS this kid . . .

The ending of something enjoyed is always met with a mix of emotions, and even though the idea of a pop-up gallery denotes a temporary endeavor, closing it down was a bit sad.  But it’s run its course. A fine two months and now I’m stoked to get back into the studio and return to my real work, painting!

To close it out, leaving the gallery Sunday night under a full moon.

Full Moon Ending

Monday, the opposite of moving in.

moving out

Monday night, on the road back to the studio.

driving home

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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