In The Aftermath, It’s Confusion & Following The Path To Play

#99 – Tuesday February 5th

flotsam jetsam

Moving everything back to the studio is an exercise in confusion. As I stacked up the boxes of work and the accumulations of deemed gallery necessities, it was incomprehensible how much stuff I actually carted down to the pop-up during those eight weeks. And in the aftermath, confusion. It’s my method chaos into order and since the studio is a catastrophe, I should be a happy guy. But for this one small moment I long for order and calm and in a rare fit of lucidity? I’m purging. Or in art speak, de-acquisitioning works no longer meeting the mission statement guidelines. In my case, throwing stuff out. And it’s long over due.

I’m a collector. Small things land helter skelter on the studio table until I sort them into proper containers and stashed where I’ll vaguely remember. But the larger finds, get boxed with care before finding a resting place in an equally out-of-the-way nook. However this particular purging unearthed a prize not forgotten just ignored. The process of figuring out what to keep and what gets the hook, lies within the enigma of why I collected “it” in the first place. This requires studious examination of the past “why”, and the present conundrum of should I keep it now? This particular find is a well used “Erector, No. 71/2 Engineer’s Set”.  Not well used by me, but by some anonymous budding engineer and before any decision regarding its fate can be determined, I open the scratched and dented bright red metal box.

In 2003 I painted a small canvas titled, “Monumental Divide Moving Toward Distribution“. Regardless of its diminutive proportions I loved the seemingly relentless movement, consuming all as it trundled forward. Next step on the path, a 2008 construction of cast concrete, Eucalyptus & Apple Tree woods, machine parts and stone, portraying the same unabated force and titled ” The Garden of My Secret life Imagined as a Movable Feast Moving Toward Distribution“. This construction inspired the 2011 painting “Wonderland. The Confirmation of Duties While Everything Is Different and the Feeling of Reality and Imagination are Completely Mixed“.  And now, the path continues . . . realized in play, facilitated by the “No. 71/2 Engineer’s Set”.

Monumental Divide

Garden of my secret life


Monumental Divide As A Toy

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thanks for reading!

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