Meanwhile, Back In The Studio, It’s Bang Bang

# 115 – Tuesday May 28th

I don’t think about what kind of painter I am, until I’m asked “Now what IS IT you do”? I’ve a simple answer, “Intimate organic abstraction. No straight lines or right angles, movement, form, and palette, nature based” and while woefully inadequate, it performs a vital function . . . opening the door to further discourse.

But something is happening, and I’m reconsidering.  I blame it on my point-and shoot. Out and about, bang bang, on the fly, one-handed, in stride, snapshots of the long view. In or out of focus, no matter, just raw material for the paintings. It’s the openness and fluidity of these random landscapes I’m finding very seductive, and I’m incorporating those attributes into the new work.  So I’m trying out, when asked the ubiquitous “what do you” question . . . responding . . . I paint landscape. And while woefully inadequate, it performs that vital function, opening the door to further discourse.

I like generating my source material, but every now and again I find an image(s) that lights up my creative engine.  Tree Abroad #2, from the Tree Series  by South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee, is such an image, and the inspiration for this painting.


To see just how it went from inspiration to visualization click → go

Art Intersection (in the gallery’s words) “Is a motivation, inspiration, education, reaching, and showing space”. While the focus of AI is photography, once a year they present a juried survey exhibition of all forms of visual art, by Arizona artists. The exhibition All Art Arizona 2013 includes two of my paintings. This will be the first time both canvasses are shown in Arizona. The All Art Arizona 2013 exhibition opens Saturday, June 1, 2013 from 6pm – 8pm, and all are welcome. The exhibition runs from June 1, 2013 until July 27, 2013. Art Intersection is at: 207 North Gilbert Road, Suite 201 (upstairs), Gilbert, AZ 85234

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back In The Studio, It’s Bang Bang

  1. I really liked this post. I am not sure I can put my finger on why but I did. I am not sure I have ever asked you “what do you do” but if I had heard your first response my head would have exploded :). But I get the later response though like you said… I would not have classified your work with a title as boring as “landscapes”. Whatever you call it keep it up. I really like the painting in this post too.

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