Dark Wood In A Full Moon

#116 Tuesday June 4th

Dark Wood

When the moon goes full, it attracts my eye like a magnet and I run to grab the camera. My money shot is the moon  partially obscured by vegetation,  tree branches, cacti, or an agave in flower, with a momentarily notable land feature bathed in the moon’s glow. I’ve countless versions of this image, but of all the photographs I’ve taken, then used as starting points for a paintings, the moon shots rarely make the inspirational cut. However this night, after capturing the obligatory composition, I happened to glance back for a  final look as I walked into the studio.  The moon was entirely hidden behind the trunk of a Eucalyptus tree and in that moment, I knew this was the impetus for a new painting.

This past Saturday was the opening for the “All Arizona Artist 2013”  exhibition at Art Intersection Gallery. The juried, survey exhibition includes two of my paintings, both shown for the first time in Arizona. The show continues through July 27th. Additional information and directions to Art Intersection are on  the gallery’s website: artintersection.com. 

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AIS Filmstrip #1

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