So This Is It

#117 – Tuesday,  June 11th

So this is it. Another beginning. And now rather than my once typical raw canvas, it’s a triple primed canvas with a ground of troweled Titan Buff, and two applications of Zinc White.  The move to working on primed canvasses and developing a ground to host my endeavors, hasn’t come easily.  I use a variety of media in my work . . . acrylics are the mainstay,  but also dry pigment, graphite, and pastel, each requiring something to hold them in place. The problem being, the fixative altering the color of the raw canvas.  After Blair reformulated my fave #105 “No Odor Spray Fix”  (to my mind the perfect fixative, other than the potential of cognitive dysfunction and the environmental damage its use might promote) the experimentation has been on . . . sprays, brushed on varnishes, and aerosols. Each in their own way, altering the very properties of the canvas “au naturel” I desired. So this is it.  Titan Buff mimics the hue of raw canvas. The transparent layers of Zinc White allow the warmth of canvas to peek through, and my current fixative of choice, a milk based protein in grain alcohol, has no noxious orders or unhealthy fumes.

In The Beginning

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filmstrip 6.11.2013

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