The Kandinsky Effect

#125 – Tuesday, August 13th

The last time I read Wassily Kandinsky’s seminal tome “Point And Line To Plane ” I was in art school, but it often comes to mind.  Originally published in 1926, it puts forth Kandinsky’s theory of abstraction in a precise , methodical fashion, and what resonates for me, the marks he made had specific meanings, allowing the viewer to experience a painting intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually through his combining the attributes of points, lines and planes. I’m being terribly simplistic here, and for a complete rendering of the Kandinskian perspective on non-representational art, I would recommend “Point And Line To Plane” to anyone, it’s a fascinating read.  . . . anyway back to the issue at hand.  In my work, while I favor certain shapes, and colors, I trend toward a more expressionist approach but . . . at times . . . progress shudders to a screeching halt. This is when I call on the “Kandinsky Effect”. I shamelessly troll back through my overture searching for a point, line, or a plane, to insert into the work in progress, bringing it to  . . . well  . . . the perfect articulation of the moments endeavors. On reflection of this process, I find I always come back to a distinct set of marks, while dispersed throughout decades of image making, they define my voice.


The re-appropriated shape taken from a painting I did back in 2002, “In The Absence Of History”. Its genesis, observing a flock of birds fluttering between trees in the garden. This alliteration is turned on its side and filled in.


Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “The Kandinsky Effect

    • Thank you for following my blog and for your comment. I studied painting and sculpture at Purdue University, so there is that formal foundation. The inspiration for my work comes out of my love for the out of doors, using the forms, movement, and palette I encounter in my adventures. Not attempting a literal rendering of an experience, but rather capture the gestalt of the experience, how it feels across the complexity of being in a certain place . . . don’t know if that helps . . . but there it is . . . thanks again . . .

    • hey Jenny . . . I quite like the idea of plagiarizing myself . . . just as long as I don’t push it to the point of parody. I think one of the only secrets I have, is to let my art follow my heart . . . and more than willing to give that away . . .

thanks for reading!

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