4 thoughts on “Fractured

  1. Charles – Your work is high quality modern art. I like some representationalism, which you have in some of your works. I think I like these are the best. All great work, really. Thanks and congratulations. – Tim Ruane

  2. When something is broken, it moves out of the scope of applicability of a description as a certain type of thing, but it is still the same physical system. It is not broken as such but broken with respect to what we took it for, so in a way, it only breaks in our imagination. It starts a new “life” as something else (e.g. something beautiful you can paint).

    • I love your comment, especially “it only breaks in our imagination” The painting was inspired by a tree fractured in a storm, surrounded by trees undisturbed. Both states of existence, simultaneously, whole and broken. What intrigued me was attempting to capture that moment in the middle, between those two opposite theoretical states. While I ended up highlighting the fracturing process, still there are the ghosts of what “whole” had been. The reality, each are equally “whole” and the concept of broken, an illusion.


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