Sound From The Middle Of Nowhere And A Hole Full Of Everything Else

#135 – Tuesday, December 3rd

I don’t give up.  When I place those first marks on the canvas, it becomes a living breathing thing and I’m willing to fight, fight, fight to bring it to realization. My personal best is twelve years. Being honest, it was a battle of attrition and I can’t say which one of us came out on top. Lately I’ve been spoiled. I’m painting up a storm and it’s like swimming . . . stroke, breath, stroke, breath . . . every mark gliding the work effortlessly forward . . . until now. So I strap on the gloves, throw my best punches, and still . . . with the new canvas . . . not so much. So this week’s image is “The Boxer”. . . homage to the esthetic of  just keeping after it.

the boxxer 1

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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