Trouble In Mind, Gloves On And The Sunday Punch

#136 – Tuesday, December 10th

In the studio there isn’t much forgiveness. I like it that way. The work needs to show the scars of creation and this painting certainly does that. It was the impetus for last Tuesday’s entry espousing keeping after it, and this is where the philosophy took me. I’ve put the new paintings under the linguistic umbrella “Conversations Within The Language Of Nature” since all have their genesis from images I’ve collected during my adventures. The conversation is one of discovery, articulating a desire and joy beyond replicating “this is what I saw”, then not muddying the waters for interpretation.  I’m finding I can’t keep the words swirling around each painting from attaching themselves, so I give up . . .  Sound From The Middle Of Nowhere And A Hole Full Of Everything Else.


Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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