Discombobulated, It’s Female Troubles Replaced By A Man’s World

#141 – Tuesday January 28th

It’s been an odd week. Jump starts, abrupt stops. I’ve lived in the same space for a decade and a half, and while many pieces of function and aesthetics routinely get relocated, there is one piece going nowhere and it continually takes the brunt of my inattention. A day like yesterday, discombobulated, thinking of whatever, moving fast and sharp.  A sculpture done back in the eighties, one of a pair but my favorite of the two. It doesn’t fly, made of concrete it just falls crashing to the floor in a dull shattered thud. The problem isn’t the location, that’s perfect, but I’m not. So down it went. Again. Only this time broken is really broken. I pick up the pieces, put them on the work table, sweep up the dust and with all best intentions plan a restoration project. Sometime. Now hung in its place is the companion piece. Fresh from its decades long slumber unknowingly awaiting.

“Female Troubles” – Yves Saint Laurent Pump, concrete, machine parts, cordage. 1989

female trouble

“It is a man’s world” – Florisheim Wing Tip Oxford, concrete, cordage. 1989it's a man's world

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