Conversations From Within The Language Of Nature

#144 – Tuesday, March 4th

Kurre at Walter

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8 thoughts on “Conversations From Within The Language Of Nature

    • Anita, Thank you for the good wishes . . . I hope to be back in Chicago sometime between now and early next year, and I’d enjoy visiting your studio. I’ll let you know when I firm up my plans. Hopefully when the weather is a bit more moderate!

      • Ok, great! I would love to meet you and show you around the art center and my studio. We have an open studio event planned on Fri. May 9 from 6-10PM if by any chance you are in the area then or know anybody who would be interested. We usually get hundreds of people attending and it is a lot of fun. That would be too much of a coincidence tho if you were here then. I look forward to your visit, Charles. Best, Anita

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