Milk And Honey With Pointy Bits To Bite And Stick

#152 – Tuesday, May 13th

I’m beguiled by tangles. Knotted debris entwined, aftermath of natures energies. Labyrinths of confusion defying reconciliation. Disregard for strident efforts at organization. Marriages of chaos wrapped in and around its own self and captured by the capriciousness of fate. Messy and twisted. The perfect beginning. The perfect end.


Four to Milk & Honey

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4 thoughts on “Milk And Honey With Pointy Bits To Bite And Stick

  1. reminds me a little, colors notwithstanding, of some of my first desert walks, wondering at what i thought was scrabbling for territory, and it is, but also that other…

    • the pointy bits were partially inspired by a gardening mishap, brushing up too close to one of my cacti specimens, and then spending days finding and removing the hair like spines! milk and honey indeed.

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