The Bones

#162 – Tuesday, September 16th

I’d gone off with a painting undone, and now back in the studio I just couldn’t reconnect. So ever forward and this is where it stands. A troweled layer of Zinc White over Titan Buff over past imperfect. Calling my tool of choice a trowel is a bit of a misnomer. Actually it’s a seven-inch long, by inch and a quarter wide pallet knife, and I enjoy wielding it both for the large swathes of pigment I can lay down, and for the random regions it leaves untouched. I favor layers of transparent color, allowing the history of a image’s development to show through. It’s here where it begins again, on the bones of past endeavors.

Bones 1

Bones 4

Bones 3

Yesterday morning, Molly and I were playing frisbee in the park, and I came across this patch of ground cover that captures what just might be the essence of the color green, and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Thanks for reading.


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thanks for reading!

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