She Wore Her Words Like A Hairdo

#167 – Tuesday, October 28th

Many years ago, shot out of the embrace of art school into the real world of turning creativity into a living, I’d applied my sensibilities to furniture, jewelry, sculpture, and of course, painting. Looking at my work today it might seem incomprehensible I began as a figurative painter. But I was. In A Blue Light was included in the 1989 solo exhibition at Perimeter Gallery, Chicago. Perimeter still represents my work today.

In a Blue Light

In a Blue Light, 1986
Acrylic and dry pigment on canvas, 48” x 36”
Collection of Robin Richman

At heart I’m a collector and the studio overflows with snippets of past endeavors and the wealth of any current interest, all packed into every available nook and cranny. But the studio is a finite space, and ever so often I dive into the nooks, editing out acquisitions with lost appeal. This time I was going deep and nestled back in, a folio of drawings for Burnt Toast, a graphic novel, circa 1980 I’d never finished. Burnt Toast, featured the intrepid, yet deeply flawed Claud SunBeam in all his noir glory. Finding it made me laugh, and on the cusp of All Hollows’ Eve an appropriate disguise.

She Wore Her Words She Wore Her Words Like a Hairdo, c. 1980
Acrylic and ink on paper, 15″ x 20″

And now, in November my favorite month, it’s off into the woods . . . I’ll be back Tuesday December 2nd, until then . . .

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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