My Ghost of a Christmas Past, In Technicolor

#171 – Tuesday, December 23rd

Growing up, my father was always at the ready with his camera, first film, then slides, and eventually digitalizing his photo library passing it on to us. Here, Christmas eve circa early 60’s, my siblings and I with our grandfather as Santa. From left, my brothers Don, and Eric (on Don’s lap), Santa (Frank Mink, our mother’s dad), myself, and my sister Kathleen.

I send out my sincere wishes to all, for happy, healthy, and loving holidays!

Siblings and santa in color

I’ll be taking next week off, but will return with a new post Tuesday, January, 6th. Until then.

Thank you for reading.


A special thanks to my brothers and sister, for their continued good humor in allowing my random use of their images.

thanks for reading!

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