The Ice Storm

#172 – Tuesday, January 6th

Sometimes it’s the only way forward. Zinc White troweled over it all. Pieces of the before sneaking through or carved back in. Tangles scribbled and drenched in anthraquinone blue. And again, then again, and again. Employed as necessary, always different, yet the same.

#163 L


alien holiday 5up

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5 thoughts on “The Ice Storm

    • Thank you! When my “Ice” technique (a bit of tongue in cheek there) becomes a necessity, and successfully implemented, the pantings acquire a lovely etherial quality I can’t seem to achieve without being at that point of utter confusion. It is like looking down through a frozen lake . . . what’s below, shimmering in and out of focus, locked in a world of imagination, a story of one’s own design.

thanks for reading!

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