Not Like Clockwork (Scrape and Dither)

#214 – Tuesday April 4th.


I knew this was coming, it always does. Not like clockwork but looming on the horizon, inevitable and taking its own sweet time. It’s just past the point where every stroke of the brush and every line drawn, when set to canvas lays in the perfect place. Like magic. Then bang. Push and shove, scrape and dither but to no avail. I’ve been here before. Many times. I don’t exactly welcome these episodes but I’ve learned they are telling me . . . take a different tack . . . and I listen.

Out and back. I like to leave the driving to others, and when I can get someone else to do the deed, I’m all over it. It’s the view out the window that holds my interest, clicking away with my little Cannon PAS, capturing fragments of an instantly past tense. Tops are images going, bottoms are images of returning. A different tact.

out and back

And then finally, for this missive, the new canvas in progress . . . taking it’s own sweet time.


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