The Smallest Things and Slow It Goes

#217 – July, 2016

The defining plant of the Sonoran desert is none other than the majestic Carnegiea Gigantea Cactus, better known as the Saguaro. A seed propagated plant, the flowers of a  Saguaro are mainly pollinated by the Lesser Long-nose Bat, producing a ruby-red fruit. After ripening, having offered its seeded bounty to the capriciousness of the desert environment, these amazingly brilliant remnants litter the ground.

Saguaro fruit

It goes slow. It is almost imperceptible. This line. Grey to blue, wanting to pull into awareness these nestled shapes. I was beginning to wonder if the time spent was an exercise in procrastination. But it’s a hundred and ten outside, so slow it goes and well worth the effort.

simple things

11 (1)

Speaking of summertime, the desert sun is playing havoc with a few tender gardening endeavors requiring a shade cloth engineering project. Here, a self portrait with one of the failed attempts at protection.

shade cloth charles

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3 thoughts on “The Smallest Things and Slow It Goes

  1. wonderful post, Charles. The way how you photographed the seed is beautiful, a beautiful composition. Even the shadows are fantastic and I love the painting, too, because it is a good composition and has nice colors.

thanks for reading!

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