Game Scores and Other Diversions

#218 – August 2016

Summer meanders on, requiring a change in routine. Swimming and dominos.  Honed through exploration and practice, an interlude of tranquility.

pool with a view copy

At least the swimming part is . . . We play an especially spirited version of the double six, blocking game and we keep score. The snapping sound of smartly laid dominos is punctuated by chides and retorts, illuminating the game’s progress . . . until . . . with a theatrical flourish and accompanied by a well-articulated curse . . . the last domino is triumphantly put to board. The score cards are kept as witness against future delusions of grandeur as well as proof of supremacy.

Domino MFb

Diversions?  A morning hike. Northeast and southwest views. Table, chair and pillow, a detail of back porch happenstance.

temoprary structures 2

In the studio . . . beginning a revisionist history guided by new moods and selective memory.

the seventeen history

Obsessions still.  From the eighties, scores from a different type of game.

Still life game scores

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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