A Good Night Harvest

#222 – January 2017


I’ve heard enough of 2016, and call  “all-ee, all-ee, in free”. Stop already.

Speaking of stopping, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions long ago. Even if I made an honest effort to remember the what and when of those promises, I’d draw a blank. However what I do know, those well-meaning life adjustments hadn’t held sway over my actions for long, and regardless of the possibility . . .  that if I had followed through, my life would be more better . . . I’m none the worse for wear. Actually I’m rather fortunate for not  tripping on too many cracks and ducking mostly just in time, and here it is . . . 2017. Isn’t that a kick in the pants.

The point?  It wasn’t the calendar turning forward, but rather backward. The idea was already there, building into the need, and what really put me around the corner was finding artifacts from two thousand four amid the dense jungle of things I’d collected then pinned to the studio walls.  Enough is enough.

So now the studio is in shambles as I take it apart piece by piece. Donna asks if I have a plan, the answer is . . . yes I do . . . the plan is to take it apart, and go from there. 

Thanks for reading.



thanks for reading!

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