time and time again

#237 – december 2020

#73 detail

It’s been two years since the last post, and while I’ve let the newsletter languish, I’ve kept busy in the studio. On the horizon, a solo exhibition of new work at Eye Lounge, opening the weekend of January 15th. Eye Lounge is an artist-run collective/gallery located in downtown Phoenix and this will be the first of my two solo shows in 2021. So over the coming months, I’ll be sending out the newsletter on a more frequent basis, delving into the studio goings-on as I prepare for the upcoming exhibitions. 

2021 will be the tenth anniversary of the It Happens Every Tuesday newsletter. From 2011 – 2016, it did happen every Tuesday, and until 2018 as a monthly. Then, well, nothing. So as I blow off the dust, I thought some changes were in order. First, because I can’t promise the newsletter will go out every Tuesday, or even on a Tuesday, ( this being the exception to the rule) it’s the  kurre.art news you’ll see when the newsletter lands in your inbox.

The opening image is what I’m working on right now. Will it be ready by the 15th? An excellent question without a definitive answer. But that is the plan!

Thanks for hanging in and hanging on!

Your continuing interest in my work is much appreciated.  Charles

8 thoughts on “time and time again

    • Keith – It’s good to be back with the newsletter, I’d heard you had moved. We’ve camped and hiked the AZ trail through there and spent time in Patagonia, (and the bird sanctuary) it’s a cool little town. I’ll only be at the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays, but if you come up during the week, let me know and I’ll meet you there and give you the personal tour!

    • Holly – Your’e so very kind. Let me know when you can come down, and I’ll meet you at the gallery. While the gallery has scheduled hours, I have access at any time so you don’t have to be limited to the “official” schedule. I look forward to sharing the work with you.

thanks for reading!

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