kurre.art #240

january 28th

Earlier this week, fellow artist and pro photographer Jason Koster spent a couple of hours at the gallery, documenting the exhibition. Besides his professional and artistic work, Jason is a kindred outdoors spirit, an avid hiker/backpacker, and mountain biker. Find his work at jasonkoster.net and @koster_photo.
I’ll be back at the gallery this weekend, so please come by. Because of Covid-19 and needing to keep everyone safe, including myself, please schedule a time for your visit. Email me at: charleskurre.art@gmail.com
Saturday, January 30th, 1-5 PM
Sunday, January 31st, 11AM – 3PM

If you’d like to see the exhibition in person and the weekend hours aren’t convenient, let me know, and I’ll arrange for a private visit. charleskurre.art@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.


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thanks for reading!

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