kurre.art #248

The Eye Lounge intermittent weekend pop-up exhibitions highlight works-in-progress by the collective’s members. In this past weekend’s exhibition, Convergence, I had the opportunity to show my take on the idea. I don’t think of my creative process as having beginnings or ends; it’s a continuing process of folding every facet of my life into the work I make. A process informed by the things I care deeply about, by being curious, and animated by a passion for the natural world.

Entropic Landscapes – These three b&w inkjet prints were taped to the wall above where I paint, their images structural talismans. During the development of the paintings, they get splattered, paint wiped on them, taped over or torn off and basically destroyed. I like their haphazard quality; they feel like how nature works. For this exhibition, I call them entropic landscapes; as the paintings they inform come to fruition, these sheets fall into disorder.

Fragment #191 – A beautiful mature 20-foot tree. This was a tree I cared for. I read the book and rigorously followed the schedule of watering and fertilizing. For years it produced the most deliciously sweet red fruit. Until it didn’t. As it fell into a slow, relentless decline, I did everything I could, then there was nothing more to do. Afterward, I’d move the fragment around my garden, a component in ad hoc sculptural compositions, sun-bleached, striated where the bark had fallen away, its sinuous gesture a testament to the past.

Fragment #263 – It sprouted in the yard next to the brick wall, unplanted, blown-in. For over ten years It survived my free-form topiary experiments, becoming a home to generations of birds, lizards, and insects, providing shade, silently cleaning the air, and to my eye, an aesthetic grace. Eventually it eclipsed its chance setting, and I cut it down.

Two sided pages from one of my journals. Inter connectivity. Old game scores, pine fascicles, lattice of stitches and graphite. Relic tied, markings in another kind of language. Ghost and from memory drawn. One thing leads to another.

Thanks for reading!


thanks for reading!

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