And Now, Something Completely Different

Tuesday, February 19th

Oro Valley

Out of the studio and on my bike. The Oro Valley is just north of Tucson, and the home of 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo” mountain bike race. It’s an extended weekend of bike culture culminating in a full day’s worth of cactus avoidance while pedaling one’s mountain bike up, down, and around  glorious Sonoran Desert single track.

Sonoran Sunset

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The Joy Of A One Wheeled Adventurer & A Moon Over The Temporary Gallerist

#98 – Tuesday January 29th

Serendipity, got to love it. I’m setting up for the “The Perimeter Gallery, Scottsdale Pop-Up Final Day Extended Cocktail Hour” and right outside the door, jetting by, is a kid riding a unicycle . . . Once, twice, three times . . . OK I’m hooked, who IS this kid . . .

The ending of something enjoyed is always met with a mix of emotions, and even though the idea of a pop-up gallery denotes a temporary endeavor, closing it down was a bit sad.  But it’s run its course. A fine two months and now I’m stoked to get back into the studio and return to my real work, painting!

To close it out, leaving the gallery Sunday night under a full moon.

Full Moon Ending

Monday, the opposite of moving in.

moving out

Monday night, on the road back to the studio.

driving home

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Meditations On Common Occurrence, An Uncommon Day, With Accompaniment

# 92 – Tuesday December 18th

All to often, after leaving the house, I find I’ve left something I really intended to bring along. There are two equally common responses to this conundrum. First, the ever valuable, “oh well, next time” then onward. The second, a short expletive laced outburst, followed by the less popular “go back and get it” technique. This Tuesday, a rare rainy day homage to the latter . . . “Full Circle”

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