Birds of a Feather

ihet september 2017 issue 229

Ribbons of card stock and beet remnants on a paper towel. A consideration born of idle hands and fiddling what’s in reach. Patterns on the towel, the partitioning of the beets and their stains, a modest diversion from monochrome now carrying over into paint.

131 tripple up2

The back and forth, muted ethereal to bright and strong, the question . . . return to muted?  At the moment I’m staying on the brighter stronger side .

sparrow field

Objects of desire. An assemblage. An intimate vignette all in on bright. The backdrop is from the garden, a loose pile of Bougainvillea petals digitally captured and mounted. A wood block, pieces of steel, and the five ball. Monument Five – Memorial to a Prime.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, the middle of a long beginning. The outline of future endeavors with plenty of room to move.


Thanks for reading.


Wash, Dry and Upside-down Flying Charles

#86 – Tuesday November 6th

I’ve always loved the beginning of November. No more dressing up for all Hallows Eve, and a brief respite before the unrelenting force of holidays. Bright crisp days, nights to bring the blanket up tight. With November, I’m in my element.

I don’t remember when I first encountered René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images (This is Not a Pipe), but it was the beginning of my interest in the interaction between language and images. There was a time when I faithfully submersed myself in the study of Surrealism, and while I’ve moved on to my own explorations of these interactions, there are still moments that bring me back. One such happened this week, and in the garden no less. So here is a short video inspired by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s surrealist 1929 film. “Un Chien Andalou” (An Andalusian Dog)

Another garden treat, a flower past its prime, still beautiful.

Thanks for reading, and watching.