Following An End Beginning At The Beginnings End

#148 – Tuesday, April 15th

On the trail, a wealth of inspiration for my studio aspirations lay directly underfoot. In camp, bathed in the tranquil glow of the setting sun, a mind-bending palette of earth, fire, and sky, the silence punctuated by the songs of Lucy’s Warbler.






Lucys Warbler

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Mish Mash and a Tip of the Hat

#52 – Tuesday March 13th

Fifty two, a year of Tuesdays. Today I present a not so random selection of twelve favorites (one for each month) highlighting this past year of It Happens Every Tuesday.

 March – The Donna’s “You’ve Got A Crush On Me”. Soundtrack to the beginning of this missive. Old school fast and loud, played with verve. These women rock.

April –  Strange Life Of Blue (#9) rambling toward The Color Of Tuesdays (#48).  Cold then hot, in 39 weeks.

May – Forrest Bess. Antique Roadshow  to the Whitney Biennial.  Forrest was an odd bird, but I love his paintings.

June – A virtual exhibition, excerpts from the show at Perimeter Gallery, Chicago. The new paintings set to music.

July – A Word A Day.  Familiar to the esoteric. What words mean, usage, and history . . . as a bonus, every Word a Day is accompanied by a quotation gleaned from the writings of the famous or infamous, right to the inbox each and every morning. A delightful partner to my french roast, a jump start for the day.

August – Subtle Magic (#39). In my dreams. Ocean of Art and Seeing Spots (#49)

September – Cornucopia Tuesday (#26). Art for bikes. Words for art. Two in transition, and languid husky vocals.

October – Thomas Nozkowski, Lee Bontecou, and Authur Dove. Enough said.

November – Listing of Artistic Intentions (#47). A list for a list, and another on the far side of amazing.

January – Nine Weeks (#2). Steady hand, youthful exuberance, and nod to those who helped make it happen.

February – The original It Happens Every Tuesday. It started as a simple artistic exercise and wound up here.

March –  My clowning Muses

It Happens Every Tuesday.

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And So It Goes

#31 – Tuesday October 18th

Done. As of today, the paintings are at Perimeter. Prior to the exhibition, the paintings are photographed, framed, then returned to the gallery for installation. The exhibition opens on November 18th and will run through the end of the year.  The past couple of days have been hectic, putting the finishing touches on these two paintings, and prepping the canvasses for shipping, and now that the paintings are out of the studio, it’s a quiet feeling. Though a little odd, because these paintings have been a part of my daily life for well over a year, with a couple of canvasses having been in progress for the better part of three. But it’s not the end. I’ve a painting still in the studio that will or won’t make it to Chicago depending on how it develops, and the materials to stretch up another few canvasses. And so it goes on.

Speaking of going on, the details of the SRAM’s pART PROJECT auction and event have been announced. The on line auction begins November 20th and culminates with gala event, in Chicago, on November 30th, where the final moments of the auction will take place. All the auction proceeds will go to support World Bicycle Relief. For additional details, including auction updates, event info, viewing the artists pART sculptures and bios visit the SRAM pART PROJECT website. SRAM provided each artist a CD containing four images of their sculptures, originally taken for the project website.  To see the “official” four views of my SRAM pART sculpture, click on the image to the right.

This week, in celebration of my tenth exhibition at Perimeter, a painting from the 1997 show. This exhibition was reviewed by Arts and Antiques magazine.

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