Upside Down in the Greater Wilderness

#199 – Tuesday, November 3rd

The upsides down in the greater wilderness that’s my garden. Once again I’m beating back a summer’s worth of neglect and it’s all pointy and sharp. My efforts exact a measurable toll in torn clothing and lost blood . . . the price for feeble attempts at bending nature to my will. 

Of Oranges and Thorns

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All Hollows Eve

#198 – Tuesday, October 27th

all hollows eve

“Allison Gross” is an old Celtic folk song and the perfect musical accompaniment for All Hollows Eve. 

Allison Gross

O Allison Gross, that lives in yon tower

the ugliest witch int he North Country…

She’s turned me into an ugly worm

and gard me toddle around a tree…

But as it fell out last Hallow even

When the seely court was riding by,

the Queen lighted down on a gowany bank

Not far from the tree where I wont to lie…

She’s change me again to my own proper shape

And I no more toddle about the tree.

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One for the Road

#192 – Tuesday, June 16th

Summer is full on and it’s time for a break. It Happens Every Tuesday will return Tuesday, September 15th. Until then . . .

at the beach

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