Digging It Up And Painting It Crimson

#187 – Tuesday, May 5th

Desert Broom is a small native shrub and while ubiquitous in this part of the desert, as a landscape plant, most folks try to get rid of it. Not me. It grows fast, and has proven tolerant to my inept pruning efforts. I’ve several scattered about, but every now and again they interfere with a more favored planting . . . and . . . must go. The Desert Broom has a robust root structure and plucking one out, is not as easy as I might wish. So with lopping shears, pick axe and sweat flying, the deed is done. While I love the tenacity of the Desert Broom, in the fiefdom of my garden, it’s a plant relegated to second class status. Still, they thrive in the most inhospitable locations and withstand all the neglect and butchery I can inflict.  For this particular Desert Broom, I pay homage for service, featuring the poetry of its anatomy, and as a stage for my manipulations.

desert broom #3

desert broom #1

desert broom #2

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