The Path To Elemental, Blue Sky Forever

#110 – Tuesday April 23rd

A perfectly ordinary snapshot, taken during a recent backpacking trip in the Superstition Mountains. This particular rock outcrop provided much needed shelter from a monsoon storm during a prior excursion into the Superstitions, and on this day, blue sky forever, it seemed the equivalent of visiting an old and dear friend.


I’ve always enjoyed rambling about the out-of-doors, but I’m drawn to the desert by some undeniable magnetic attraction, and as this affliction has come to dominate  my work, I rely on these photo vignettes to offer a spring-board toward a different kind of exploration. 3

It’s been a banner year for wild flowers, the landscape bursting with color, and while much of my work over the past year has mirrored this explosion of hues, at the moment I have an overpowering wish to capture  the  elemental and etherial  quality of these experiences.


Elemental. Black, totality of color. White, absence of color. A landscape of extremes. Etherial. The subtle, delicate and fragile tones of desert flora, reveled in the benevolent and often unforgiving light of the southwestern sun.


Thanks for reading.